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Entertaining On a Dime

You don’t need to bust your budget when throwing a party. Here are some easy ways to save.

Wow Your Guests For A Lot Less

Plan to Save
Deciding what type of event you would like to have can help you save a lot of money. A potluck party will cost you much less than any other event. Additionally, you can save more by choosing the time you will hold the event. A brunch or afternoon gathering will cost you much less than a dinner party.

Free Decorations and Party Supplies
The best way to save on party necessities is by using what you have. Need more plates, silverware, glasses or chairs? Borrow from friends or family.

To decorate for less rely on what nature has available. A bit of creativity can turn garden flowers, seasonal fruits or vegetables into beautiful centerpieces.

Choose A Savvy Menu
Plan to serve finger foods instead of a full course meal. An appetizer spread will be more economical to put together.

If you are planning a sit down meal, you can still save a lot of money if you choose your menu wisely:

  • Stretch meats by serving them with vegetables or fruit. I like to wrap vegetables in ham or cantaloupe in prosciutto.
  • Pasta will help satisfy your guests for less than a meat dish.

For more money saving recipes see the Savvy Party Recipes slide show.

Drink Ideas
Prepare inexpensive drinks such as homemade ice tea or lemonade. Also offer cranberry spritzers, seltzer with just a splash of cranberry juice.

Keep it Simple
Some of the best parties are just hotdogs and burgers. Too many times, hosts go overboard with fancy foods and extras, trying to please their guests. But by keeping things simple, it reminds your guests that they can be themselves and relax.

Plan ahead to save and remember that your guests are there to enjoy your company and have fun.

Quick and Easy Party Recipes
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