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Thanksgiving Money Saving Tips

Thanksgiving will be here soon and successfully pulling off a Thanksgiving feast on a budget is not as difficult as you may think. The key is picking inexpensive recipes that are big on taste. This year I am hosting family and friends for Thanksgiving dinner and wanted to share my frugal but fancy-tasting Thanksgiving menu.

Easy to Make Pumpkin Pie Recipe

This classic Thanksgiving dessert, Creamy Pumpkin Pie takes only 5 mins to prep!

Inexpensive Thanksgiving Recipes

Cold Smoked Salmon SpreadCold Smoked Salmon Spread

Impressive Appetizers

Wow your guests with delicious and lavish looking appetizers.  Use expensive ingredients as an accent instead of a main ingredient. For example, instead of serving slices of smoked salmon, I’ll serve a Smoked Salmon Spread and this crab dip instead of crab cakes.

Thanksgiving Turkey Sausage StuffingTurkey Sausage Stuffing

Seasonal Side Dishes

This Thanksgiving my side dishes will include Turkey Sausage StuffingPumpkin and Spice Rolls and Sweet Potato Bake.  All of these recipes take advantage of the available seasonal bounty, and that translates into lower ingredient costs.

Apple Pie Dessert Recipe IdeaApple Crunch Pie

Classic Desserts

At my house, Thanksgiving dinner isn’t complete without apple pie and pumpkin pie for dessert.  If the idea of baking a pie seems a little daunting to you, try making a quick bread instead.

Thanksgiving Side Dish Tips

Thanksgiving Time Saving Tips

Ask your guests to bring their favorite holiday dish to the meal and give them some direction as to what type of dish they can bring: perhaps an appetizer, side or dessert. Then you only have to complement what people are bringing, and round out the menu with a few additional dishes. 

And don’t forget to prep ahead and cook as many dishes as you can in advance, that way you will be able to enjoy the celebration with all the friends and family you are hosting.

See Thanksgiving Recipes and Ideas for more holiday inspiration.

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