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Valentine's Day Money Saving Tips

Most people think of Valentine’s Day as the holiday of love. But don’t forget it’s also a time to celebrate friendship. Celebrate with friends this year by throwing a Valentine’s Day party. Whether you are planning a Valentine’s party with your own friends, or a party for your kid’s, here are some tips to help you make it a success for less.

Inexpensive Valentine's Day Party Ideas

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Party Invites
Let your friends know a few weeks in advance about the party. When I throw a party, I love to use an electronic invite service such as Evite to send virtual party invites to friends. The service is free and it allows you to send follow up emails to those who forget to RSVP on time. For paper invitations, get creative by making your own out of red and white card stock.

Red and white balloons are perfect decorations for this party. Pastel color streamers also make a room instantly festive for little money.

Raspberry Beef Salad Recipe

Share the fun of planning this party with your friends by making it a potluck party! I love potluck parties because I feel it is a perfect win-win situation. Not only do you save money by sharing the cost of the food, but it also allows your guests to bring an item to the party they will enjoy eating. No more worrying about serving food that everyone will like. Check out this potluck recipe slideshow for easy potluck party favorites.

Valentine's Day Fun Snack

One thing you may want to do is provide suggestions to your guests as to what type of items to bring. You don’t want everyone bringing a dessert, so make sure to assign who brings an appetizer like this creamy artichoke dip, a salad like this Raspberry Beef Salad or a main dish like this Corn Broccoli Casserole. Have fun with dessert! These Valentine Heart Treats are delicious, adorable and festive!

Fun and Games
If you are getting together with old friends, bring out your old yearbooks or home videos for some laughs. For a fun kid’s game, have the kids compete on who unwraps a piece of candy the fastest while wearing a pair of mittens.

Getting together with friends is always fun, so make sure to take the time and enjoy them.

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