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Spring Break Money Saving Tips

It's almost time for "Spring Break" and if you are planning on a "staycation" to save money, you are probably wondering how to keep everyone entertained. Here are some tips and ideas to try for your family.

Savvy Spring Break "Staycation" Ideas



Draw with crayons!

1. Get Crafty
Plan a kid's craft day. Spend the morning getting all of the kid's craft supplies ready and the afternoon completing the craft. Keep in mind the age of your children when choosing the craft to complete. Little ones can engage on coloring pages while the older ones can concentrate on slightly more difficult kid's crafts. See our food crafts page for some fun ideas.

2. Get Cooking
Have a pizza-making cooking class at home. Kids will love kneading the dough and personalizing their own pizza. Let them add toppings of their choice, and get dinner ready at the same time.

3. Hold a board game marathon!
Make game time fun by planning ahead and choosing inexpensive prizes for the board game winners. Be sure to have games that appeal to every age and include games that anyone can win. But if you don't have a lot of board games on hand, visit your local thrift store. I have always found a healthy supply of board games at my local store.

4. Family Picnic Fun!
My children love putting together a picnic basket to meet daddy during his lunch break. If the weather is nice, we go to the park right next to his office or we and have a family picnic in his work lunch room. We spend the morning packing the picnic basket with tuna salad sandwiches and bring snacks like single serve bags of Cheez-It crackers to snack on and Rice Krispies Treats Squares for dessert.

5. Be a Local Tourist
Visit a local museum, zoo or gallery for less. Most of these venues offer discounted rates on certain days of the week or after a designated time. Find out in advance what your local museum or zoo offers and plan for a visit during that time. Contact your local tourism board to get brochures and information about local area attractions. Make sure to involve the whole family in the planning.

6. Take a Hike
After spending so much time inside during the colder months, a hike at a nearby park is a fun way for the whole family to exercise. Weather permitting; go for a walk at a local hiking trail. Don't forget to bring water and Kellogg's Nutri-Grain cereal bars to snack on while you are there.

The whole family can have a fun Spring Break without spending a lot of money. All that you need are some board games, kids crafts, and a picnic basket, along with a small dose of imagination and careful planning and you can keep everyone entertained while staying close to home.

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