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Kellie is the creative mind behind many of Snackpicks' Fun Snacks. She first became inspired after being tired of giving her kids the same old sandwich, lunch and snacks. On Snackpicks, Kellie shares her ideas and breaks down the Fun Snacks into simple steps to inspire everyone to 'play' with their food and add sunshine to their little ones' days. Kellie's personal blog can be found at Little Nummies.net.

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Teaching Kids Fractions with Fun Snacks

Fractions can be a tricky concept for kids to learn. Using fun kids snacks as hands-on visuals in teaching kids fractions can be make the lesson tasty and fun!! Simplicity is best when it comes to teaching, especially when teaching kids with fun snacks!! Kids snacks are so accessible and easy to use as teaching tools. So simple. So fun. And they will learn fractions in a tasty way!!

Rice Krispies Treats® Fraction Snacks

A great and easy way to teach kids fractions is with Rice Krispies Treats Bars. Use four Rice Krispies Treats Bars for this activity. Leave one bar whole, split one in half, another in thirds and the last in quarters. Add a variety of sprinkles to show the difference between the various sizes.

Teach Fraactions with Kids Snacks
Fraction Lesson with Snacks
Fraction Lessons with Snacks
Fraction Lessons with Snacks

Bug Bites Fraction Snacks

Another delicious and easy way to teach fractions is as simple as opening a bag of Keebler Graham Bug Bites. Just open this ready-to-go snack and ask your child to count the total number of bug bites, and then count out each variety of bug to see what fractions you can find. Not only will your kids learn from this activity, but they will also enjoy these cute Graham Bug Bites snacks.

Teaching Fractions with Snacks

4 of 12 bugs are caterpillars = 4/12 or 1/3

3 of 12 bugs are butterflies = 3/12 or 1/4

2 of 12 bugs are ladybugs = 2/12 or 1/6

3 of 12 bugs are dragonflies = 3/12 or 1/4

Scooby Doo Fraction Snacks

Turn the Scooby Doo Graham snacks into a learning adventure by adding a bit of frosting and sprinkles to some of the snacks. Then allow your child to count how many of each sort there are as a portion of the entire pack.

Scooby Doo Fraction Snacks

4 out of 8 bones are white = 4/8 or 1/2

1 out of 8 bones are plain = 1/8

3 out of 8 bones have sprinkles = 3/8

7 out of 8 bones have frosting = 7/8

By having fun with fractions, your kids can be at the top of the class. Have a great school year! And, see all of our school time ideas, fun snacks and tips.

What creative ways have you found to successfully teach or reinforce math skills at home? Let us know by commenting below!

1 Comment for Teaching Kids with Fun Snacks

great tips for the school kids, thanks Sharon Guzman of Marion NC

- Sharo Guzman on Aug 22, 2012

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