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Jill has always enjoyed cooking, but never had as much fun in the kitchen as she does with her three boys. Together they have a blast making fun appetizers, silly snacks and creative desserts. On Snackpicks, Jill shares recipes that you can have fun making with your little ones. Jill also shares her ideas on her blog Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons.

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Thanksgiving Dessert: S'mores Fun Snacks

Thanksgiving Dessert

Fall holidays like Thanksgiving inspire a lot of ideas for fun snacks. I used my boys’ favorite sweet, s'mores, as inspiration to make these easy and fun Pilgrim and Native American snacks. This Thanksgiving snack is not only fun, but it is also a creative way to give kids a little history lesson. Thanksgiving s'mores are easy to make and great for a kid-friendly Thanksgiving, school party or they just make a fun dessert!

Ingredients for Thanksgiving Dessert: S'mores Snacks

thanksgiving ingredients

Directions for Pilgrim S'mores Snacks

Graham Crackers snack

1. Take out 1 Keebler graham cracker. Break it in half along the markings in the middle. Take the round cookie cutter and press down on the graham cracker. If you do not have a round cookie cutter you can cut around the edges using kitchen scissors. Do the same with the other half.

Thanksgiving Snack

2. Cut a jumbo sized marshmallow in half using kitchen scissors. Push the lollipop stick in the marshmallow. Place the chocolate frosting in a plastic bag, and snip a small hole in the corner to ice. Squeeze the chocolate frosting around the graham cracker in a swirl.

S'mores Ideas

3. Place the jumbo marshmallow half on top. Squeeze more of the frosting on top of the marshmallow.

4. Place the other graham cracker round on top and let it dry for about 5 to 10 minutes.

5. To make eyes, cut a mini marshmallow in half. Attach 2 mini chocolate chips on the tops of the mini marshmallow halves with the frosting. Then attach the marshmallows on the face with the frosting.

6. Make the mouth with the chocolate frosting.

7. To make the hair, take 1 caramel and put it in the microwave for 4 seconds. Then flatten it out using your fingers. Place it on the top of your round graham cut out and then cut around the edges to fit using kitchen scissors. Cut the bottom to look like hair.

8. Attach the graham cracker with the frosting. You can cut off a piece of the caramel scraps to make a nose by just shaping with your fingers.

Pilgrim Snack

9. To make the pilgrim hat, take 1 Keebler Fudge Stripes Dark Chocolate Cookie and place it on your work surface. Take a chocolate peanut butter candy and attach it on top using the frosting.

10. To decorate the hat, cut off a small corner from a yellow chewy candy using kitchen scissors and flatten it out with your fingers. Cut it into a square. You can cut through the edges to cut out the middle and then press it back together. Squeeze frosting around the edges of the peanut butter cup and then attach the yellow candy cut out to look like a buckle.

11. Take your pilgrim pop and stand it up in a juice glass.

12. Then, attach the hat on top using the frosting. Let that dry and move on to making the Native American S'more snack.

Pilgram Dessert Idea

Directions for Native American S'mores Snacks

1. Make your lollipop using directions #1-6 above, leaving out the hair & hat.


2. Take the Kellogg's Fruit Flavored Snacks and cut them into triangles using kitchen scissors.

3. Attach the fruit snacks with the frosting on the back side of the top graham cracker round to add the Native American's feathers. Let that dry.

Thanksgiving Dessert

4. Press out a piece of the caramel using your fingers to make a strip. Place on the top of the head and cut off the edges to fit like a headband.

5. Make an X pattern on top of the caramel with the frosting. Squeeze on frosting for the hair and then attach the band on top.

6. Take your Native American S'more snack and stand it up in a juice glass.

7. Let that dry until set.

Thanksgiving Fun Snack
Kids Thanksgiving Food

Kids love these Thanksgiving s’mores snacks, and they can also be a great dessert or favor for a kids Thanksgiving party at school or home. Enjoy!

As you make your Thanksgiving plans this year, check out our Thanksgiving recipes, savings and entertaining ideas collection.

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