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Amy, also known as Mom Advice, lives in Indiana. She is a writer, wife and mom to two beautiful children. On Snackpicks she shares her easy entertaining tips and advice for all occasions, from holiday parties to day-to-day family meal planning. Amy is also the founder and creator of the Mom Advice community.

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Smart Snacking

Healthy Kid Snacks

Nutrition is an important topic for all moms and is something that I have been passionate about ever since my own college days spent taking food and nutrition courses. Who knew that nutrition would continue to be the focus of my efforts though? You see, as a mom, I am always looking for ways to make good nutrition a priority in our day-to-day family life and it continues to be a topic that is near and dear to my heart. I work very hard at pulling together great menu plans packed with delicious homemade meals for my kids, and that the choices that I offer them are nutrition-packed too.

Smart Snacking: Why Snacking is Important

While it seems that I am always finding fun new ways to incorporate healthy meals into our lives, I will admit that incorporating a variety of healthy snacks into our diets can be a challenge…for both me and my kids!

With two active children and our family always being on the go, I am always looking for healthy snacks that can be enjoyed no matter where we are and also that comfortably stay within our family’s grocery budget.  Luckily, I've found the advice offered below on KelloggsNutrition.com to be a very helpful resource to offer guidance to me on the subject of snacking.

Know How to Snack Smartly

Why snack? Besides satisfying your taste buds, a nutritious snack between meals can:

1. Help you manage your weight.
Sometimes, if you only eat three times during the day, you can end up overeating at those meals. Many nutrition professionals recommend to spread your calories over three small meals and three light snacks to aid in fullness throughout the day and to help prevent overeating at any one meal 1. In fact, studies show that by planning and sticking to a consistent snacking routine, you can help curb your appetite and cut back on calories over the day.

2. Fill in gaps in nutrition.
Waiting too long between meals may lead to unhealthy eating. Instead, stay satisfied with healthy,
pre-portioned snacks containing vitamins, minerals, whole grains, or fiber. You’ll avoid the temptation for high-fat, high-sugar foods, which sometimes contain empty calories. Looking for some appealing ideas? Click here for smart snacking options and strategies.

3. Keep your energy up.
Eating every 3-4 hours, or 5-6 times a day, can help you avoid energy ebbs and flows. By including snacks in your eating plan, you may even find you have more energy to exercise.

Just knowing that I can help my children live a healthy life by maintaining their weight through smarter
snacking and aid them in maintaining their energy levels throughout the day, it makes me feel better about my own role in helping them achieve their goals. It really is amazing the power that healthy snacks can offer to our children if we incorporate them into our diet.



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2. Benton D. Carbohydrate ingestion, blood glucose and mood. Neurosci Biobehav Rev. 2002;26:293-308.

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