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Baby and Wedding Shower Ideas: Dark Chocolate Coconut Banana Pudding Bites & More

Baby Shower Dessert Recipe

I’m a southern girl (living in Ohio now) and when I host a baby shower or bridal shower, I start running through the list of all the fabulous southern dessert recipes I had growing up. One of my favorites is the traditional banana pudding my sweet grandmother made almost every Sunday. This is not quite her recipe, but it was completely inspired by all the things she loved: coconut, chocolate and, of course, banana pudding!

Dark Chocolate Coconut Banana Pudding

Wedding Shower Dessert Ideas



To prepare, simply layer: pudding, cookie, chocolate chips, coconut, ending with pudding on top and then drizzling a bit of coconut as garnish.

Banana Pudding Bites Recipe

If I host a baby or wedding shower with multiple desserts, I like to serve mini portions so that guests can enjoy more than one. For my Dark Chocolate Coconut Banana Pudding recipe, I chose to prepare them in tasting glasses (found at most kitchen supply stores). I also like to provide the appropriate utensil for the dish in an easy to reach location. For this dessert, I chose to tie the mini spoon to the glass with coordinating ribbon. It’s cute and brings more color to your dessert!

Dark Chocolate Coconut Banana Pudding Ingredients

Proportions to Make Banana Pudding Bites

  • Two teaspoons of pudding
  • ½ of one cookie crumbled
  • Three large chips
  • A pinch of coconut
  • Repeat until tasting glass is full

I assure you these banana pudding bites are completely delicious. I had to test them to make sure I had the right layering combination so that each bite had a bit of all the ingredients and let me tell you… I didn’t really have to eat three of them… but I did!

Chocolate Dipped Vanilla Wafers

Dipped Vanilla Wafers

For this next wedding or baby shower dessert, I chose Keebler Vanilla Wafers because I wanted to stay with my southern theme (they are the traditional cookie found in banana pudding) and because they could easily be embellished to work with my shower’s color palette.

Vanilla Wafer Dessert Recipe Idea

Directions for Chocolate Dipped Vanilla Wafers

  • Melt yellow chocolates (used for candy making and found in your local craft store baking section) in a small bowl in eight second intervals.
  • Once smooth, dip one edge and place on wax paper to dry.
  • The cookies are lovely as is and taste yummy, but if you can find small candies to embellish them further like these small candy bees, all the better.

Baby and Wedding Shower Party Tip: Coordinate Your Table

Baby and Wedding Shower Tips

I’ll leave you with a tip, something I do with every gathering I host. When possible, I serve specific recipes that complement each other visually. If the food itself doesn’t “match,” that’s okay, I just serve it in a dish that helps the entire table coordinate. As you can see here, I like white and clear dishes. I just used some craft paper to create an attractive color scheme. A few small touches can bring the entire table together!

Just remember, above all, baby and wedding showers are all about the mom-to-be or the bride-to-be. Make them feel special and happy hosting!

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