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Vanessa, also known as Chefdruck, is a foodie, writer and mom living in Chicago with her husband and four children. Whether you're planning a holiday dinner party or small impromptu get together with friends, Vanessa has easy menu ideas and helpful tips to minimize your time in the kitchen so you have more time to spend with your friends and family. Vanessa's personal blog can be found at chefdruck.com

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Baby Shower Ideas

rice krispies treats balls

Menu Ideas for a Baby Shower

I love to host baby showers because they give me a chance to flip back the switch and remember the sweet anticipation of a baby. When the tissue paper starts flying and the tiny infant onesies start being held up, I can never hold back my tears. It's so nice to take an afternoon to be with the girls and give my very pregnant friend a chance to put her feet up and celebrate the upcoming change in her life.

When I plan what to serve, I choose an assortment of dishes I can prepare ahead of time to minimize my stress on the day of the event, and I top the menu off with an adorable centerpiece. I want to create something to rival in cuteness all those tiny booties and frilly burp cloths.

My latest centerpiece was made of these Rice Krispies Treats shaped as tasty lollipops. No woman, no matter how refined, can resist the kid appeal of a Rice Krispies Treats. These colorful balls, dipped in pastel pink and blue decorating sugars, or drizzled with chocolate and coconut, drew all eyes to the center of my brunch buffet table. Rice Krispies Treats, warm from the pan, are surprisingly easy to mold into shapes. The trick is to press them hard and take a significant amount as they will shrink down to size. Once shaped into a ball, quickly insert the colorful wooden sticks and coat with sprinkles. For the chocolate drizzle balls, wait until the ball has cooled before drizzling with chocolate.

I round out my baby shower table with a fresh and zesty artichoke and tomato dip (also known as California Party Spread), a deviled egg platter, and some colorful mozzarella and tomato bites. I finish with a cheese platter and a fruit salad. With good friends and good food the baby shower is sure to be a success.

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