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Back to School Money Saving Tips


While you may be in the midst of enjoying your summer, back to school shopping is already in full swing. To save money and time, follow these tips when shopping for your family's back to school needs:

A+ Back to School Shopping

Stick to the List

Stick to the list provided by your school. First, shop at home by reviewing the school supplies you may already have on hand. Then revise your list and stick to it when shopping to prevent impulse buys, they can add up quickly.

Start Your Shopping Early

Back to school sales begin in mid-July. Make sure to start scanning your Sunday sales circulars to find deeply discounted items. By starting early you can avoid paying top dollar at the last minute.

Shop at Several Stores for the Best Deals

Be open minded when shopping for back to school needs. A lot of good sales and offers are available at dollar stores, drug store chains and pharmacies. Office supply stores will also offer a few deeply discounted prices to get you in the store. Invest some time in picking up the best deals at different stores instead of shopping for all your school needs at one store.

Clothes for Less

Before you head out to buy a brand new wardrobe for your school aged child, first take an inventory of their closet. Then make a list of what they need and shop at discount clothing stores, outlets, consignment shops, and garage sales to save big. Also, if you wait until late fall to shop for clothes, you can score deeper discounts.

Take Advantage of Tax Holidays

Some states across the United States offer sales tax holidays. Shopping for big ticket items on the right day can help you save on sales taxes. 

Pack on the Lunch Savings

The best way you can save on school lunches is by making sure that lunch bags get put to good use. Invest in a quality reusable container. Pack their lunches with a good meal including fun snacks like Nutri-Grain Cereal bars, Right Bite Cookies, and Rice Krispies Treats.

Back to school shopping season does not have to deplete a parent’s checking account. Reusing items already on hand and shopping in advance will help ease the burden and make the back to school time a financial breeze.

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