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Kellie Strickland

Kellie is the creative mind behind many of Snackpicks' Fun Snacks. She first became inspired after being tired of giving her kids the same old sandwich, lunch and snacks. On Snackpicks, Kellie shares her ideas and breaks down the Fun Snacks into simple steps to inspire everyone to 'play' with their food and add sunshine to their little ones' days. Kellie's personal blog can be found at Little Nummies.net.

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Fun Kid Lunch Box Ideas

Yellow Bus Snack

The wheels on the bus go round and round...

Yellow Bus Sandwich

TOTAL TIME: 5 mins


Directions for Yellow Bus Sandwich:

Yellow Bus Snack

1. Cut a piece of bread as shown.

Yellow Bus Snack

2. Arrange bread pieces as shown. 

Yellow Bus Snack

3. Cut a slice of cheddar cheese to fit the length of the bread slice.

Yellow Bus Snack

4. For bus windows and a door, cut pieces out of the cheese with a butter knife.

Yellow Bus Snack

5. Stack 2 Grasshopper cookies on top of each other for the wheels.

Yellow Bus Snack

6. Cut the Rice Krispies Treats in half. Then in half again.

Yellow Bus Snack

7. Arrange 3 of the Rice Krispies Treats pieces together for the road.

This Fun Lunch idea can be enjoyed at home or can fit easily into a lunchbox in pieces. Show your child how to assemble it for when they get to the lunch table. Its super simple to put together and their handiwork will amaze the other kids!! Beep-Beep!! 
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