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Amy, also known as Mom Advice, lives in Indiana. She is a writer, wife and mom to two beautiful children. On Snackpicks she shares her easy entertaining tips and advice for all occasions, from holiday parties to day-to-day family meal planning. Amy is also the founder and creator of the Mom Advice community.

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Tips for Hosting the Perfect Holiday Cookie Swap

Hosting a cookie swap does require a little of preparation, but is definitely worth the effort to create a memorable event that benefits everyone. I wanted to showcase a few frugal and creative ideas for making your Christmas cookie swap special this year!

chocolate covered christmas cookies

1. Easy Invites
Use a free invitation site like Evite to set up an invite for your guests. Be sure to give your guests three to four weeks notice so that everyone has time to make their cookie recipes and shop for their baking supplies. Request that when people RSVP to your invite that they also include the type of cookie that they will be making so you can avoid having duplicates at your cookie swap.

2. Establish the Rules
Have each guest bring with them an appetizer or drink to share at the cookie swap. Make sure to also request that they have cookies packaged and ready to go with a designated amount of cookies in each bag. Finally, it is also great if you can remind your guests to bring a sturdy container for them to take their cookies home in at the end of the night or make sure that you have containers for each guest to take their cookies home in.

3. Set the Scene
Visit your dollar store to find inexpensive platters to set out the cookies for everyone to sample or visit your thrift store to find cute retro cookie tins that can be left open for your guests to snack on. Next to the tins and platters, fold simple index cards in half to create tags for each platter to let people know what they will be sampling and to warn of any potential food allergies. I also love to place cookies on cake stands to add height and variation to the table display and incorporate some festive holiday décor throughout the main table. Dress the table up with a festive tablecloth, elegant holiday scented candles, and add a little holiday greenery or scatter ornaments on the table to set that holiday mood.

4. Creating Your Own Christmas Cookies
When preparing your own Christmas cookies, look for cookie recipes that can be prepared in advance and frozen or that can be done in stages so you can prepare ahead of time for the event. For example, I love to make cut-out sugar cookies because they can be baked ahead of time and be waiting for me in the freezer when I need them. This will really free up time for you to be able to get your home ready and prepare for your guests!

chocolate covered christmas cookies

5. Easy Semi-Homemade
There is no shame in taking a little store-bought help when preparing holiday cookies for your guests. Instead of baking trays of cookies, try making these quick and easy Chocolate Covered Chips Deluxe Christmas Cookies by dipping Keebler’s Chips Deluxe cookies into white or dark chocolate and then decorating them with Christmas sprinkles to add a festive touch. Get the Chocolate Covered Chips Deluxe Christmas cookie recipe here.

6. Holiday Party Favors
Don't forget to send your guests home with a little holiday party favor to add to the specialness of your night together. I love to buy a large package of cookie cutters and tie a small gift tag with raffia to the side with the simple words, "thank you," on it. Watch for those coupons in your local newspaper for the craft store and apply those to a big barrel of cookie cutters that you can distribute as your note of thanks for attending and making the evening so special!

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