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Kim shares her passion for crafting, baking and fun party ideas here on Snackpicks with the hope of inspiring you for your next celebration or gathering no matter how big or small. Kim lives in Ohio with her husband and two boys and is also the creative director and owner of The Celebration Shoppe.

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Easy Kid's Christmas Party Idea

Kid's Christmas Party

Christmas at my house has always been whimsical and magical, even for adults. This year I continued the tradition with a Christmas party themed around Santa's favorite treat, Christmas cookies. Here's how:

Christmas Ideas: Milk & Cookies Party

1. Gather up your favorite cookies. I chose to theme mine all around Santa with:

Kid's Christmas Party

Keebler Chips Deluxe Ornaments. Don't forget the milk!

2. You'll notice that I didn't make a big fuss to improve upon already yummy cookies. Sometimes just a clever name will make your guests smile...and eat!

I did, however, give my Keebler Fudge Stripes Wreaths a little bow, and my Keebler Fudge SticksNorth Poles a few red stripes with tinted icing.

Kid's Christmas Party

3. A little entertaining tip: make it easy for your guests to select a treat quickly and get back to mingling or Christmas caroling! These super simple cookie sleeves made from coffee filters can be just the trick.

Simply fold your coffee filter (see left), add a pretty band of paper (attach with tape), insert cookie, and you're ready to serve!

Kid's Christmas Party

Happy Ho Ho Holidays to everyone! Check out more of our Holiday Recipes and Ideas.

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