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Winter Snowman Fun Kid Snack

Snowman Rice Krispies Treats

We are seeing a lot of snowmen popping up this wintry season. While we love to create snowmen out of snow outside, here’s a yummy Rice Krispies Snowman Treat we’re making as we come inside from the cold.

Supplies for Rice Krispies Treats® Snowmen with Fudge Hats:

  • Powdered sugar
  • Black frosting
  • Orange candies
  • Red thin rope licorice
Snowman Rice Krispies Treats


1. Make your Rice Krispies Treats. See Recipe

2. Once the Treats are cool, use your circle cookie cutters and cut out 3 different sizes of shapes: small, medium, and large.

Snowman Rice Krispies Treats

3. Dip and roll each circle Treats into a pan of powdered sugar. Coat each side of the Treats.

Snowman Rice Krispies Treats

4. Stack the Treats on top of each other, with the large on the bottom, then the medium, and the small one on top.

5. Using your black frosting, preferably a writable frosting, add some dots for the eyes, mouth, and buttons to represent coal. Then add an orange candy to represent a carrot nose.

Snowman Rice Krispies Treats

6. Wrap a red thin licorice around the small circle to represent a scarf.

7. To give this snowman a fun little hat, place a Fudge Stripes cookie upside down on top of the smallest circle Treats. Add a peanut butter cup to the top.

winter snowman snack

Now he’s ready to weather the snow. Perfect for a winter day’s snack! For more fun kids' winter craft ideas check out our Winter Ideas, Recipes and Crafts.

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