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Mac and Cheese Cheez It Crackers Recipe

Cheese Lovers' Football Party Recipe Ideas

Ever since I was a little girl growing up in France, going to the cheese shop with my mother, I have been in a love affair with cheese.  From grilled cheese to cheese fondue, I can't get enough of anything made with cheese.  Whenever I'm entertaining, I love to create pretty cheese platters, and for tailgating I like using Cheez-It crackers.  No matter the weather, these delicious crackers always shine and fulfill my cheese craving.

Cheez It Crackers Guacamole Dip

Three Cheese Pizza Snack Mix Recipe Idea

Crispy Scalloped Potatoes Recipe

Game Day Guacamole spread

When tailgating with friends, it's always fun when your recipes for the football party spread stand out. Using Cheez-It crackers  to create the end zones in this guacamole spread creates a gorgeous dish your party guests will be talking about.  It also guarantees that you will have plenty of delicious guacamole for the duration of the football game.  The jalapenos and liquid pepper sauce give this cheese recipe a nice kick that pairs well with either the Cheez-It original flavor or the White Cheddar and Pepper Jack varieties.

Three Cheese Pizza Snack Mix

Mingling between cars is one of my favorite parts of tailgating at the big game, but I hate to show up empty handed.  I like to prepare a large tray of this delicious Three Cheese Pizza Snack Mix served in plastic cups with my team's logo. It's also incredibly easy to throw together, so we can get out the door quickly for the football game.


The weather tends to get cold long before the season wraps up, and nothing keeps fans fueled like a warm bowl of mac and cheese.   Try this No Bake Mac and Cheese with Cruchy Cheez-It Gratin. The cheese crackers provide a nice crispy crust.  This dish will keep everyone well fed and happy even in the chilliest temperatures.  

I love how creative I can get with Cheez-It crackers throughout the changing weather of the fall. They really help me go the distance with some unique recipes during football season.

Here are some more great recipes for all you cheese lovers:

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