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Football Party Recipes, Tips and Ideas

Are you hosting the Big Game party for your neighborhood, family or friends? If so, you are now the Head Coach. Make sure you have a good plan and recruit a team of assistant coaches to make your Big Game party an easy win. Here's how:

Big Game Party Tips

Big Game Dip

Game Plan: Simplicity

Prepare all the food ahead of time or ask guest to make a dish for a potluck.

Rename each dish to fit the party's theme like Nachos = Touchdown Tortillas.

Set up a buffet with finger foods that guests can eat at their seats while watching the game.

Show your team spirit by decorating the house in team colors. For easy clean up, use disposable tablecoths, napkins, and cups.

Arrange the furniture so everyone has a place to sit and enjoy the game. Have one room set aside without a television for partygoes who aren't interested in the game and would like a quiet place to talk.

Avoid the Fouls: Spills and accidents will happen, so be prepared with cleaners and have rags on hand.

Big Game Score List

Making the Big Plays (Party Games)

At the beginning of the game, have each guest pick a player. Every time a player's name is mentioned, they get a point. Create a board or system for keeping track. At the end of the game, the person whose player's name was mentioned the most wins!

Since half the fun of the Big Game is watching the commercials, keep a running ranking for your crowd favorites. Or take guesses for how many commercials will feature animals, certain celebrities, or be totally off the wall.

Do a sweep each quarter for trash and check the buffet table for items that need refilling.

Big Game Football Treat

On The Sidelines (For the Kids)

Create a separate "kid-friendly zone" – preferably within eyesight but out of the main viewing area.

Give kids their own table stocked with juice boxes and easy self-serve snacks.

Bake football-shaped sugar cookies or Rice Krispies Treats and have food markers or icing available to decorate the desserts.

Cover a card table (or similar) with butcher paper. Put out a bucket (or helmet) full of crayons/art supplies and let the kids be creative. Download and printout a variety of printable coloring pages and activities for kids (and fidgety grownups).

Have activities and games set up to keep the kids entertained. Like a football toss, play "hot potato" with a football, make goal posts and have a bean-bag toss, or try a sports trivia contest.

Assign half-time cheers for their favorite teams and let them show it off at half-time.

Big Game Happy Fan

Post Game Wrap Up

Hand out fun awards for the most spirited guest, winners of your pick a player or commercial games, and the team of kids with the best cheer.

Take plenty of pictures of your guests posing with a football during the party that you can use for thank you notes or mementos of the day.

And always have a designated driver to ensure everyone gets home safely.

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