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Fall Football Tailgate Tips and Ideas

Football Tailgate at Home

Football Tailgate at Home

Not going to the game? You don't have to be at the stadium to tailgate like the pros! Invite your friends and neighbors, and then get in to the spirit of the game without leaving your driveway

The Tailgate Draft

1. A twist on a traditional potluck

Pick a theme to your football tailgate menu and in you guests' invites, let your guests know what they were "drafted" to bring. For example, you could assign guests to bring either Appetizers, Desserts, Sides, or Players Choice.

2. Simulate the stadium parking lot at home

Make your football tailgate a block party and encourage each family to decorate their own tailgating area complete with canopies, tents and grills. Put tables in the center of the tailgate party for eating, socializing, and pre-game festivities. Give out awards for the most spirited, most creative or best food item.

Pre-Football Game Warm Up

1. First on the Field

Be sure to have plenty of appetizers and finger foods in place and ready for your guests as the tailgate party gets started. Town House Toppers and Flipsides are perfect tailgating ideas for creative dips and toppings.

2. Create a Kid Tailgating Zone

Set up portable, inflatable goal posts outside as a way of marking off a kid-friendly tailgating zone. Give them a snack table of their own with plenty of kid favorites like Cheez-It Crackers, Keebler Cookies, Football Shaped Rice Krispies Treats, Gripz, fruits, veggies, and other fun finger foods. For tailgating games, pass out plenty of soft footballs for passing, practicing their own field goals and of course, showboating when their favorite player makes a key play.

3. Make sure your tailgate is safe

Have cones to mark off areas around hot grills, be prepared with extra water for dousing hot flames, and don't forget the First Aid Kit!

Kick Off

family football game

1. It's Game Time!

Don't be caught channel surfing frantically at the last minute for the football game. Check the TV listings, dust off the set and make sure the surround sound is ready to go. Whether you are gathering inside for the actual game viewing or scoring a technology field goal with your friends and setting up the TV outdoors with the rest of the tailgate party, make sure to tune into everyone's favorite teams.

2. Be a playmaker

During halftime, get your guests out for everyone's favorite backyard games. Toss the football around with the kids or play a quick game of two-hand touch football to see who gets the best seats for the second half. Good for some laughs and gets in some activity for everyone during the game.

3. Touchdown

Give out silly prizes for the guests who comes closest to guessing the final score, does the best job at "reading the officials' minds" or has the best team cheer.

Post Game Analysis

Bring out the desserts like 5 Minute Candy Bar Pie, Gridiron Brownies™ or Vanilla Victory Hands and relish in the fact that you do not have to wait in all that traffic leaving the stadium.

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