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Halloween Craft Idea: Creative and Easy Halloween Trick-or-Treat Bags

Halloween is almost here and I’m getting excited. I love to craft and bake with my two boys, and holidays give me a specific reason to pull them into the kitchen or the craft room. I also like to volunteer in their classrooms. These simple, economical and creative Halloween trick-or-treat bags will be perfect for their class Halloween parties this year.

I whipped up four ideas using colorful lunch bags: a Monster, an Owl, a Spider Web and a Cat. To decorate each, I used craft paper, cupcake liners, crepe paper, scissors, a few circle craft punches, a permanent marker and glue.

Halloween Craft Idea for Trick or Treat Bags

This idea works for all occasions, whether you’re a teacher, host of a Halloween block party, or a mom looking to have some fun with her kids. If you want this to be an activity for the kids to make, I find it best to craft a few bags as examples, set them in the center of the table, and then let their creativity fly!

To fill the Halloween goodie bags, I suggest pre-packaged snacks, like Keebler 100 Calorie Right Bites, Keebler Gripz and Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treats. They’re easy, you know the quality is great, and teachers can clearly read ingredients. Many children have food allergies, like my youngest son, and pre-packaged treats make it very easy for the teacher to determine whether or not the child can have it.

Trick-or-Treat Goodie Bags: Let's Get Crafty!


First, trim the tops of your paper bags off about 3”. The reason I did this was so that the bags were more balanced once crafted. You don’t want them to get top-heavy. I do a lot of crafting, so I have a desktop paper cutter that I used. But, basic scissors work just as well.

Trick or Treat Halloween Craft Bag Instructions

Halloween Craft 1: Spider Web Bag

Halloween Trick or Treat Bag Spider Craft Idea
  1. Using a ruler, draw a few lines and then trace them with the permanent marker (TIP: Insert a piece of paper inside your white bag to prevent bleeding)
  2. Next, add the curved lines between each to form your web
  3. For the spider, I punched out two sizes of circles and eight small 1” strips for the legs
  4. Then, you fold the legs accordion style and glue the spider together

Halloween Craft 2: Monster Bag

Halloween Trick or Treat Bag Monster Craft Idea
  1. Cut jagged teeth from black craft paper
  2. Glue or tape the bottom teeth at the fold of the bag
    Insert red crepe paper for the mouth and a green forked tongue
    Then, add the top jagged teeth and attach with glue or tape at the fold of the bag
  3. Next, cut out some spooky slanted eyes and top them with small circles

Halloween Craft 3: Owl Bag

Halloween Trick or Treat Bag Owl Craft Idea
  1. Use a red lunch bag as your base
  2. Cut out orange wings from cardstock, attaching them to either side of the bag
  3. For the eyes, cut a cupcake liner in half for the eye outline
  4. Add white circles for the next eye layer
  5. Add orange cardstock for the top
  6. End by attaching the beak

Halloween Craft 4: Cat Bag

Halloween Trick or Treat Bag Cat Craft Idea
  1. Use a blue lunch bag for your base
  2. Cut ears, slanted eyes, a circle nose and whiskers from black cardstock and glue to your bag
  3. Overlay the eyes with green circles
  4. Use a colored permanent marker to create eye ovals
  5. Finish by adding the cat mouth
Halloween Party Idea for Kids

And just remember, no craft has to be perfect as long as it’s fun! Happy crafting and Happy Halloween from Snackpicks! Be sure to check out more of our creative Halloween tips and ideas.

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