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Jill has always enjoyed cooking, but never had as much fun in the kitchen as she does with her three boys. Together they have a blast making fun appetizers, silly snacks and creative desserts. On Snackpicks, Jill shares recipes that you can have fun making with your little ones. Jill also shares her ideas on her blog Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons.

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Halloween Fun Snacks: Monster Crackers

Halloween Snack Idea

These spooky Monster Crackers are a Halloween hit, not only because they are great for Halloween parties, but because I can include my kids on the cracker-making fun! This Halloween recipe is great because kids can show some of their creativity in the kitchen, and it is also a good way to get the kids to eat some new fruits. Whether you try the Frankenstein crackers, Mummy crackers, or the ghastly Dracula cracker, these silly Halloween snacks will bring a smile to your child's face.

Monster Cracker Ingredients & Directions


  • Town House Crackers
  • Whipped Cream Cheese
  • Assorted Fruit  (strawberries, dark grapes, & green grapes are shown)
  • Mini Chocolate Chips (or raisins)
Snack Ingredients


  1. Spread the whipped cream cheese onto the Town House crackers.
  2. Scoop the remaining cream cheese in a small baggie.
  3. Snip off the end of the baggie with kitchen scissors. This allows you to easy pipe the cream cheese when decorating. You or the kids will use this on the Mummy and other Monster cracker details.

Halloween Fun Snack Idea: Frankenstein Cracker

Halloween Frankenstein Snack
  1. Cut a couple of dark grapes in half with a kitchen knife. Then cut 3 triangles from the edges. Cut off the end and push them together on the top of the cracker to look like his hair.  
  2. Cut a dark grape half in slices to make the mouth (you could also make a zigzag mouth with mini chocolate chips).
  3. Use 2 mini chocolate chips for the eyes.  
  4. Cut a couple of green grapes in half. Then cut the ends to look like his electrodes.
  5. Cut his eye brows from the green grape scraps.

Halloween Fun Snack Idea: Bride of Frankenstein Cracker

Halloween snack idea
  1. Cut a few dark grapes in half with kitchen scissors.  
  2. Place 2 of them on the top of the cracker.  
  3. Take another grape half and cut the corners off so it is pointed. Place the pointed grape in the middle of the other 2 grapes.  
  4. Cut 2 slices off the grape scraps to make eye brows.  
  5. Use 2 mini chocolate chips for the eyes.
  6. Cut a slice of strawberry to make her mouth.
  7. Using the baggie filled with cream cheese, pipe a zigzag on the grape hair.


Halloween Fun Snack Idea: Dracula Cracker

Halloween snack idea
  1. Cut a couple of dark grapes in half. Cut the corners off of the grape half to come to a point like you did with the Bride of Frankenstein. Place that on the top of the cracker pointed side down.  
  2. Place the cut off scraps on the sides with the pointed sides facing in.
  3. Use 2 mini chocolate chips for the eyes.  
  4. Cut a small strip from a strawberry for the mouth.
  5. Using the baggie filled with cream cheese, pipe fangs below the strawberry mouth.

Halloween Fun Snack Idea: Mummy Cracker

Halloween snack idea
  1. Take the baggie filled with cream cheese and pipe on lines to look like a mummy on the Town House cracker. Leave an open space on the top side for the eyes.
  2. Cut a dark grape in half and then cut that to fit in the open space.  
  3. Cut small pieces of strawberry for the eyes.

Kid-Friendly Fun Snacks - Get the Kids Involved

Cooking with Kids

To get your kids involved with the Halloween Monster Cracker creations, cut up a bunch of fruit and put it in a bowl paired up with a bowl of mini chocolate chips. Or, give the kids the baggie of cream cheese. Let them get creative and make their own monsters by piping on cream cheese and adding fruit. Kids can try to make their favorite Halloween character, or they can think up a new one using their imaginations.

My boys had a blast making their silly monsters and it's so much fun to see the spooky snacks the kids come up with! For more spooky and silly inspiration, check out our Halloween Tips, Recipes and Ideas.

1 Comment for Halloween Monster Crackers

Those are so cute! Super creative, and who doesn't love cream cheese on crackers!

- Teri on Oct 25, 2012

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