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Birthday Party Game

We're putting a fun twist on a classic party game. Instead of pinning tails on donkeys, we're playing Pin the Party Hat on the Birthday Girl.

Pin the Hat on the Birthday Girl - Or Boy

birthday party hat game


Large photo of the birthday child




Cardstock paper

Party stickers

Blind fold

birthday party hat game supplies

1. Find a picture or take a new picture of your party child. Print out the photo of your child. It can be done at a local photo copy store, or on your home computer. This photo was printed off at home on white printer paper.


birthday party hat game poster

2. Cut around the child's picture and glue it onto a piece of colored cardstock paper. Write "Happy Birthday" on it and add stickers to it if you'd like.

3. Make your paper party hats. Cut out small triangles from cardstock paper. One piece of 81/2 x 11 inch paper will get you 4 party hat triangles.


birthday party hats

4. Decorate your party hats. Let the children at the party decorate their own hat. This can be done with stickers, crayons, or glitter.

5. Attach your child's picture to the wall with tape. (Make sure it's tape that is safe for painted walls.)


girl and birthday party hat game

6. Proceed to play the game of "Pin the Tail" or "Pin the Party Hat". Blindfold each child one at a time with a towel, cloth, or bandanna. Spin them around once or twice. Let them walk with their party hat toward the child's picture and try to "pin" or tape it to the top of the birthday girl's head.

7. The child who gets their hat closest to the top of the birthday girl's head, wins a special prize.


This is one birthday party game your child will never forget. Have a Happy Birthday!  

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- nxEZGiGUfhNizQw on Jul 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Jonas! Can't believe its been a year aerdaly! We will have to have a play date soon, and stop just saying we're going to! Have a great weekend!

- Pavan on Jul 11, 2012

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