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Kid Graduation Certificate

Summer is soon approaching and the school year is coming to a close. As children are getting ready to graduate, here's a fun way to help them celebrate. We're making these fun graduation certificates to document this past school year.

Fun Kid Graduation Activity

kid graduation certificate supplies


Printable Graduation Certificate

Paper Towels

Cardstock paper

Ink stamp, any color





How to Make a Kid Graduation Certificate

graduation certificate

1. Print out the graduation certificate. Or you can create your own with the same types of questions to ask your student. These questions may depend on the age of your child and the grade they are graduating from.

2. Using a pen, have the child fill out the certificate, answering the questions asked. You may need to help write what your child says if they aren't ready to write it themselves. Make sure to dictate exactly what your child says, as it's more fun to look back at what they were really thinking at that age.



3. Open the ink stamp and set it on a paper towel. With your child's palm facing up, press or rub the ink stamp onto their hand. Guide their hand up and down with the stamp pad, getting every area covered in ink.


ink covered hand

4. While the ink is still wet on the child's hand, press it onto the designated spot on the paper. Press the hand firmly onto the paper, making sure all the little areas of the hand are on the paper. Carefully lift the child's hand off the paper, set the paper out to dry, and head straight to the sink to wash off your child's hand!


kid graduation certificate

5. You can leave the certificate as is or frame it to make it more complete. You can buy a metal frame to hang on your child's wall or you can glue this certificate onto colored cardstock paper. Your child can help decorate it by placing stickers on it.

Have fun documenting your child's past school year. It is a fun tradition that will be a treasured memory.

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