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Kid Graduation Parties

Kid Graduation Party

If you have a school graduate in your house and are planning to host a fun graduation party to celebrate the past year, here are a few ideas that will help make planning easy.

Great Ideas for a Kid Graduation Party

Graduation Invitations
Design your invitation, by hand or on the computer, using an 8 ½" x 11" piece of paper.  Be sure to include the time, date, and location of the party.  Once complete, roll up each invitation and tie a red ribbon (or school colors) around the paper making it resemble a diploma. Hand them out to each child in the graduating class coming to the graduation party.

Party Food, aka Graduation Grub
Here's a few fun food ideas for the graduates to munch on as they talk about the happenings from the past year:

  • A, B, C Snacks: A is for apple slices, B is for banana slices, C is for Cheez-It Scrabble Junior Crackers or make Rice Krispies Treats into letters, school house, or school buses.
  • Goblets of Graduation: Lemonade, ice-tea or their favorite drink in a special cup.

Graduation Games

  1. Pop Quiz: Give each child a piece of paper and a pencil and tell them school's not over yet, as it's time for a pop quiz! Have them number their paper from 1 to 5 and answer the following questions from their school year:
    1. What is the custodian's name?
    2. What is the principal's name?
    3. What are the school's colors?
    4. What is the school librarian's name?
    5. What is the school's mascot?

    The child that gets all 5 questions right wins a prize.

  2. Get Schooled: Put children in teams of two. One child is the school teacher and one child is the student. Blindfold the student and have the teacher help the blindfolded student through an obstacle course. The school teacher and student who get through the obstacle course with the best success, win a prize.

  3. Teacher May I: Play the classic childhood game of "Mother May I", but using the words "Teacher, May I". The first child to reach the end gets to become the new "teacher" to play again. You can dress up the "teacher" to wear glasses and hold a ruler.
Graduation Crafts
  1. Futuristic Time Capsule: Using a large glass mason jar, decorated with silver ribbon and star stickers, have each child write down one or two things they think they will be doing in 10 years from now, or at sometime in the future. Designate a place in the backyard of the house to bury the time capsule, not to be opened until a designated date. (Make sure to remember where you buried it so you can find it again!)
  2. Mini Yearbooks: Fold 3 pieces of white printer paper in half. Staple the halves together to form a book. Write each graduating student's name on a book and hand them out with an accompanying marker. Have everyone sign each other's names on their new year books with a few encouraging words.
  3. Graduation Day Certificates: Commemorate this moment in your child's life with a personalized graduation certificate. Stamp the child's hand on a certificate. The certificate has questions and answers on it about the child: age, date, grade, favorites and a place to stamp their handprint.

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