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Thanksgiving Fun Kids Snacks

Thanksgiving Fun Kid Cookie

It’s turkey time this Thanksgiving holiday and we're creating some fun turkey cookies. This is a perfect activity to do with your kids while they wait for the turkey dinner to cook!

Fun Thanksgiving Dessert: Turkey Cookies

Supplies for Turkey Cookies:

Thanksgiving Fun Kid Cookie

Steps for Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies

Set out all of your supplies into the small bowls. It’s fun to set it up like a cookie and candy buffet, letting the children create their turkey however they’d like.


Thanksgiving Fun Kid Cookie

1. First, you need to create the turkey’s body. Start by spreading some frosting on top of your Grasshopper cookie. The frosting acts like a glue and helps all the other cookies and candies stick. Next, place your Fudge Stripe cookie facing out like the turkey’s feathers on top of the frosted Grasshopper cookie.


Thanksgiving Fun Kid Cookie

2. Break a Fudge Stick cookie in half and place it in front of the Fudge Stripe cookie. This will act as the turkey’s head and neck. You can also add some candy corn for the feet and for the beak, using the frosting to stick it in place.


Thanksgiving Fun Kid Cookie

3. Now it’s time to just have fun and decorate your turkey cookie any way you’d like. We used some Froot Loops cut in half for feathers on top of the Fudge Stripe cookie. We used a red gumdrop candy for the turkey’s waddle on its nose. We also used some chocolate chips or eyes. We used more gumdrop candies sliced in the center for the feathers as well.


Thanksgiving Fun Kid Snack

4. The possibilities are endless for creating your own unique turkey cookie.

Have fun making your Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies. And enjoy "gobbling" them up!

1 Comment for Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies

These look so darn cute, never mind tasty. My granddaughter saw me looking at the directions and can't wait to make them. I think we will do them for her first grade class.

Thank you for the great idea1111

- Jacki on Oct 04, 2012

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