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100 Calorie Right Bites®

The Great Tasting Snacks You Love with Only 100 Calories Per Pouch!

Healthy Snacks

Crave a chocolate or something savory to hold you over, but also want better control over your cravings? Now you can enjoy your favorite snacks in convenient 100 calorie portions. These snacks are great for your 3 p.m. afternoon snack, and they are perfect to take on the go, in a briefcase or purse. With 11 different varieties, 100 Calorie Rite Bites are the perfect sweet or savory guilt-free indulgence that you can enjoy every day.

Portion Control Made Easy

100 Calorie Snacks provide built in portion control so you there's no guilt when enjoying your favorite snacks. For some people it's difficult to eat just one portion when eating straight out of the box. 100 Calorie Right Bites are individually portioned to help you enjoy your snack without overeating. Having these ready-to-eat snacks on hand sets you up for success. You'll be less likely to hit the candy machine or overindulge if you have a satisfying snack available in your bag or at home when your afternoon craving hits.

100 Calorie Chips Deluxe Cookies
100 Calorie Fudge Cookies
100 Calorie Cheez-It Crackers
100 calorie snacks

Savory 100 Calorie Snacks from Cheez-It®:

Savory and Sweet 100 Calorie Variety Pack:

Do you sometimes want a sweet snack and other times crave something savory? Then this Variety Pack is for you! It contains:

  • Keebler® Mini Fudge Stripes™ Cookies
  • Keebler® Fudge Shoppe® Fudge Grahams
  • Cheez-It® Crackers

*See nutritional information for saturated fat content.

Keeping My New Year's Resolution

Post by Kim

With Christmas behind us, there is likely also something else behind us… a few unwanted pounds! For me it’s always been about portion control. Not starving myself or depriving myself, as a matter of fact, just the opposite. I’m a bit of a chocolate lover and I don’t go without it for more than a day or two... Read More

My Sweet Indulgence Without Some Of The Guilt

Post by Vanessa

I'm a busy mom of three, constantly running around from soccer practice to ballet class and then racing home to get homework done and dinner on the table. Every day, around 3 p.m., I hit a wall and my sweet tooth really kicks in. I just have to indulge in a little chocolate and then get back to the evening routine... Read More

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