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Cheddar and Tomato-Jam Canapés

A ginger- and cinnamon-spiced tomato salsa tops the cheddar cheese on these crackers.


Preparation Time: 20 Mins.
Total Time to Serve: 40 Mins.
Servings: 16


1 chili-style diced tomatoes chili-style diced tomatoes
1/4 firmly packed brown sugar firmly packed brown sugar
1 cider vinegar cider vinegar
1 grated fresh gingerroot grated fresh gingerroot
1/2 cinnamon cinnamon
8 sharp Cheddar cheese or white Cheddar cheese sharp Cheddar cheese or white Cheddar cheese
64 Keebler® Club® Original crackers Keebler® Club® Original crackers


1. In medium saucepan combine undrained tomatoes, brown sugar, vinegar, gingerroot and cinnamon. Cook and stir until mixture comes to boil and sugar dissolves. Reduce heat. Simmer, uncovered, until mixture reduces to 1 cup. Remove from heat. Cool.

2. Place cheese on serving plate. Spoon tomato mixture over cheese. Serve with KEEBLER CLUB Original crackers. (Or, thinly slice cheese. Top each cracker with cheese slice and some of tomato mixture.)


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