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Marshmallow Fudge Sandwiches

A layer of marshmallow créme hides between two Keebler® Fudge Stripes™ cookies in these sweet sandwiches.


Preparation Time: 10 Mins.
Total Time to Serve: 10 Mins.
Servings: 10


1/4 chocolate sprinkles chocolate sprinkles
1 marshmallow créme marshmallow créme
20 Keebler® Fudge Stripes™ Original cookies Keebler® Fudge Stripes™ Original cookies


1. Place chocolate sprinkles in shallow dish. Set aside.

2. Spoon dollops of marshmallow créme on bottoms of ten of the cookies. Top with remaining cookies, bottom sides down. Gently press cookies together until marshmallow créme reaches outside edges. Gently roll edges in chocolate sprinkles.


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9 Ratings & Reviews for Marshmallow Fudge Sandwiches

I made these and was gonna take them to church but within an hour they fell and looked melted or something still tasty but not pretty to take off :( ...so the kids were happy they stayed home for them ...lol

- SendeeLoo on Apr 20, 2013

My family loves these! They are a quick and easy dessert/snack. I also substitute Fudge Stripes for the chocolate and graham crackers when we make samores.

- ROSE on Oct 25, 2012

A very easy recipe that is time consuming for me and my kids.

- Angela on Sep 25, 2012

These are fun for everyone and for any occasion; just use food coloring paste and different ingredients to embellish these simple treats! Kids love to make them too!

- Linda on Sep 05, 2012

This is an easy way to make something that tastes good and is so simple. Great idea.

- Faye on Jul 23, 2012


- Bradleigh on Jul 13, 2012

I can see using endless possible mix-ins

marshmallow cream:
- creamy peanut butter
- raspberry jam
-coffee or espresso powder
- flaked coconut
- creme de menthe

Rolled in:
-Toasted sliced almonds, crushed peanuts, peacans,
macadamia nuts
- candied orange zest
- graham cracker crumbs

Topped with a maraschino cherry !

- Barbara on Jul 13, 2012


- Barb on Jul 12, 2012


- zenaida on May 29, 2012

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